Thursday, December 17, 2009

I haven't joined up but I am MADD

Yesterday while driving in my neighbourhood school-zone with my two year old, a mini-van came careening down a hill perpendicular to the street I was driving on. It was too late by the time I saw him coming to do anything but brake and honk. The lady in front of me stepped on the gas. I stepped on the brakes. The impaired driver took the corner unto the street I was driving on (at about 70-100km/hour) veering between the lady in front of me and myself- missing my vehicle by literal inches, hoping the curb, onto the sidewalk and over three lawns, past about half dozen school kids, before momentarily stopping and then fleeing the scene.

The police were called. I don't know if the guy was caught. I hope he was. I kept thinking- wow that was scarey. Wow I'm so lucky. Wow HE is so lucky. HE is so fortunate he didn't hurt or kill anyone- himself aside. HE is so lucky- lucky enough that he should stop before his luck runs out.

Folks don't drink and drive! Don't do drugs and drive! DON'T DO IT! No excuses- zippo! DON'T get behind the wheel impaired!

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  1. So glad everyone was ok. They should install breathalizers on cars so it won't start if you're impaired.


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