Monday, December 21, 2009

I Want to Meet Oprah

Okay-so I sent the letter- and I've told my friends- and apparently the "secret" is working- because I have an interview with CTV tomorrow evening.

But before my interview- I'd REALLY like your help. I know you're reading- because you're telling me- but I need your feedback... so I have something to talk about during the interview.

Say the Oprah show calls tomorrow (for fun- lets just say that)- I need some support. Skip the Christmas card and send me a "question for Oprah".

Tamara and the nice firemen who let me take their picture are getting the biggest shout out- for speedy response, but maybe I'll throw in a chocolate bar for the best question asked- come on a little sugary something-something. Maybe I'll make this a "contest" or a giveaway... : )

So here are some starter questions or potential discussion topics:

  • what is your best childhood memory?
  • what experience in life has served to educate you the most?
  • of all the people you've interviewed, who is the first one that comes to mind when I ask t his question?
  • do you keep in regular contact with your family?
  • do you ever go to visit your hometown?
  • what price have you paid for giving up anonymity for a public life?
  • reflectively, do you feel it has been worth it?
  • do you enjoy your work?
  • how many viewer letters do you personally read?
  • when you leave this world how do you want your story to be told?
  • how do you meet your make-up artist?
Deep and meaningful or shallow and interesting- what would be a good interview question?

* Photo