Saturday, January 9, 2010

The "confusion" of having a peanut allergy

Me on the phone, "Hi, I am at a function where food from your restaurant is being served. I am wondering if you cook with peanut oil or have peanuts in your food- my daughter has an allergy & I want to check before I serve her any."

Restaurant reply: "No we do not cook with peanut oil. Some things have peanuts in it, but what are you going to eat"

Me :"I'm not sure the names- but there is a dish with broccoli, cauliflower & chicken"

Restaurant: "Chicken-broccoli, yes"

Me: "And one with bean sprouts"

Restaurant: "Chow-mein"

Me: "Yes that's what it's called. And chicken friend rice"

Restaurant: "Can I get your name"

Me (a bit confused): provides name

Restaurant: "And will that be all for your order?"

Me: "no I'm not ordering it- I want to know if there are peanuts in it. I'm at a function where they are serving your food and I want to make sure it's safe for my daughter before I serve it to her"

Restaurant: "Well you should have told someone before you placed your order"

Me: (not bothering to re-inform her I have just arrived at the food)... "I'm just wondering if there may be peanuts or not"

Restaurant: "Well we cook almonds in some things- so NO I would not give it to her. I can't make that guarantee."

Me: "Okay thanks"


  1. Let me guess... ESL? Seriously! Oh Missy I so sorry about the peanut allergy in your family. Luckily thus far we haven't come across one.

  2. Ha ha ha! No a perfect English speaker- definitely no language barrier here- I'm guessing the gal was probably born and raised in Cole Harbour! LOL!


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