Friday, March 19, 2010

Kristi has a pretty blog and I don't... Wah wah for m

So my friend Kristi is the biggest, bestest blogger I know. I actually check in on her blog fairly often... and every time I do I think... wow- that looks really good. Wow I need a "button". And like the best handmade crafts... it doesn't look homemade... but she made it.

I asked her what to do. She helped me one day- and although you may not know it- my blog looks a lot better (which sadly is not saying much).

She gave me a few tips:

1. Get comments- they're good- so get them ... and a few tips on how (which I've been meaning to do, but I'm a little inconsistent with my improvements here)

2. Graphics, graphics, graphics.  But I have only an okay-camera. (that fell down the stairs at my old house and the batteries are held in by electrical tape- and quite frankly don't take the most super-fly photo). I'm also a university graduate, and I feel compelled that if I take a graphic from the web and it's copyrighted- even if I think it is public domain- that I may indeed be shot down to the depths of hell with absolutely no chance of redemption in the vast expanses of all eternity (you remember the post-secondary intellectual rights & playgerism lectures... shudder).

3. A button is good- it's like free-advertising. I googled how to make one... but it throws me back to number 2 where I need some good graphics.

Maybe this is kind of like those people who complain about other people who always look good, but make no effort to do so themselves. Maybe it's time for my blog to have a shower and put on some lipstick. I'm going to talk to Kristi and get me some more blog- beauty tips... in the meantime- WHAT DO YOU THINK WOULD MAKE MY BLOG MORE INTERESTING?


  1. Ha ha ha! Okay so taking photos from the a former web designer...most often if you just give the credit you're fine. So just link to where you found it. People are happy to have that as free advertisement.

    We can chat for sure! But just remember it takes baby steps. And I can do it because I've got all the top grade Graphic Designer programs and education behind it.

    And I like this background that you have! It's pretty rustic cool.

    Also - maybe start saving up for a new camera. The one I have was relatively inexpensive and takes great photos. Makes me feel like I know what I'm doing. And it's a fun little hobby now.

    Call anytime! I work nights tonight and off on the weekend.


  2. I read your blog all the time...but I am not a very good commenter. But I do like the new look.


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