Monday, March 22, 2010

Lamentations of someone who would like to meet Oprah

So... I know this is going to come as a big surprise to most of you, and probably a big disappointment...

dare I say it...

I know, I know. We all thought I would be meetin' and greetin' by now. Hob-knobbin' with the likes of Gail and  Stedman and maybe Mr. Obama, as me and Ms. Winfrey conversed like old friends... but alas... I cannot lie-she has not called.

Maybe she didn't get my letter? Must not have. I

I guess I'll have to try again. 

Well-wishers welcome.


One who wants to chat with Oprah Winfrey

P.S. On a serious note- I did get an email from a lady who has met Oprah twice. She sent me her phone number. I'm going to ring her for some tips on getting an in with Lady O.

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