Thursday, March 18, 2010

Picking a URL

I was thinking about starting a second blog- completely different feel, completely different genre. I can't seem to keep on top of this one... but for some reason I feel it might be beneficial to work on number 2? (Guess it's kind of like having kids huh?)

So I'm thinking something that gets my "serious" out- simply an outlet for writing- essays, thoughts, rants (i.e. a typical blog)... so I think... what could I use for a title on this thing- something simple, catchy and easy to remember. Something that suggests communication- listening, speaking, hearing- but bold and hard to forget.

I try a few URL's I believe MAY be taken- but it's always worth a shot. I start the usually-mammoth project that happens when you're trying to find a new login id or web address. So I begin typing


before the .blogspot yaddy, yaddy- it's taken, (and it appears that this guy might be remotely funny). Then I try:

"Hear Me"

also taken- but looks like this one is abandoned... so then I think a little harder, get a bit more creative. I stretch those creative muscles and try:

"I Want your Ears"

... and "surprisingly" enough... it IS available- and for a moment I think-

"boy, what luck! I better snatch that up, before some one else takes it- that's a good one!"... and then I laugh thinking about how it's sounds bizarrely adult and might illicit the wrong traffic.

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  1. A name is super hard. It took me a few months to decide on Visible Voice. Now it means more and more each day. Good luck friend!


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