Saturday, March 20, 2010

Toddlers and Toilets

I gots' ta' go bad. So I rush lightning speed to the bathroom. Flip up the toilet lid and am faced with the fact that the toddler who is strictly forbidden to use no more than "4 squares" has flushed a DOUBLE roll (again). AHHHHHHHHHHH ya' little monkey! I survey the situation, calculate the risk, and deem it too dangerous to continue. I recognize that whatever I put in the toilet- I'll be mopping off the floor. I cross my legs, flip up the toilet seat... and plunge. 5 minutes later- and may I remind you that 5 minutes is a long time when ya' "gots' ta' go baaaaaaaaaaaaad"- I hear the sloshy gurggle and flush. Hoooray. I sit down. I finish the errand- look to the toilet paper and realize it is the last roll and she FLUSHED IT ALL!!!

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  1. LOL! Kids and toilet paper. I'm sure we've all had one experience or another.

    So, I'm wondering what you did, but I'm afraid to ask, might be more than I actually want to know.....


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