Sunday, March 14, 2010


So my husband and I are trying to "strengthen our marriage"... you know good old-fashioned marital improvement.

We're trying to go on a "date" once a week- leave the calamities of home at home and have some fun. So I think- hey I'll go online and find some really fly ideas and make this dating thing dynamo. I'm looking for things to strengthen our relationship, spark conversation, ignite laughter, and create memories- ya' know... a date . I'm mostly looking for date ideas that we could go on or at least recount in front of friends (if we so chose). I realize, however, that the populous at large seems to view marital dating as simply a seduction technique.

So I now pause to make mockery. I could not stop laughing- and figured if I'm enjoying this much entertainment it deserves sharing. On the particular website I have been reading there are plenty of great date ideas (for real)... but my absolute favourite part of the whole site is the unintended comedy.

Number one hilarity are the individuals bragging about their personal romantic-endeavours- and albeit, many are indeed good- I can't seem to get over the number of people who are getting busy in tents and thinking themselves creative geniuses. Secondly the number of WOMEN who think their men are dying in elation over Hershey's kisses and roses. FYI my female friends- that's NOT what our HUSBANDS want-that's what WE want. But the thing I love the best overall is when they say their husbands and boyfriends are STILL bragging about their efforts... I don't mean to be demeaning- but I can assure you they are not. It would be kinda like you bragging about how awesome it was when your "man" brought you home a new chainsaw and took you to a forest to cut down some trees.

I just read one post where a woman wrote about an elaborate, formal dinner she made for her and her husband- spaghetti on china plates. Well if that turns his crank- you've got it made! And last but not least- the THINGS people are doing with Christmas lights and tissue paper now-a-days- 'twood make your head spin!

I'm sorry I just can't stop laughing. For more great dating ideas hop on over to

Or better yet- if you have a great date idea- post it below. As long as it doesn't involve romantic tents, spaghetti or the tag line "you can guess what happens next"- I promise not to laugh.


  1. Perhaps we should start up the HHC again? DO you want to join? Don't you know "what happens next" is what they really care about anyway :-)
    Reading your blog always makes me smile and usually laugh out loud

  2. Oh wait, you didn't tell us what you did on this most awesomest date EVER!

  3. I was about to post the same thing, Ann! What did you do for your best and most awesome date....that's what I really wanna know!


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