Monday, October 5, 2009

My Husband Has ADD or least He hopes

A few years ago my step-mother-in-law (long title- but you get the relationship) told me that- "hyper-focusing" and "perfectionism" can be signs of ADD. I was really surprised. I grew up with a cousin who had ADD, and classmates with ADHD who were flying off the walls. These kids could never sit still, and so my vision of ADD/ ADHD has always been ignorantly limited to my memories of these individuals behaviours.

In Grade 9 I had two ADHD kids who sat side-by-side. I can remember fists flying and wrestling moves in the classroom after one kid said something the other kid didn't fully process, jumped to conclusions and subsequently (as well as LITERALLY) onto the other kids back. Quite eventful.

Although my husband can NEVER sit still- he is not so quick to jump to conclusions, and he focuses incredibly well. Not until the SMIL comment did I even ponder the idea of adult-ADD, but since then- well I've thought of it quite a bit!

So the other day when a documentary came on TV about Adult ADD I was all over that thing. I was in the kitchen, pulled up a stool and thought: "by the end of this I will be able to diagnose yeah or nay on the ADD!" (say ADD in french and the whole thing rhymes. ***CHEESE***)

About 20 minutes into the program I was surprised at how ACTUALLY Adult-ADD my husband sounded: paces constantly while on phone, has difficulty completing tasks, incredibly creative, hyper-focuses on a topic of interest etc. Could it be true? Could he have ADD?

While completely intent on the program and searching for evidence of the presence of the disorder in our home, my husband (who is planning on going to University next semester after a 10+year hiatus) lands in the kitchen and asks what I am watching. I openly explain to him that I am learning about ADD and will be diagnosing him by the end of the show. He excitedly asks, "oh really?! How do I get diagnosed? Do you think I could get some scholarships with that?"

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