Monday, October 5, 2009

Good Friend, Bad Luck

A few months ago one of my pretty much official best-friend-forever-friends called to tell me a little story. With permission I now re-tell it- oh and I laugh as I do.

My friend and I have a notorious streak of bad-luck. I've come to realize that this "bad luck" might actually be my personal "good fortune" as, when combined with a good sense of humour, provides for A LOT of laughter. For the purposes of this story I will refer to my friend as "Katie"- (not to be confused with any friends I have who may or may not be named Katie).

"Katie" and I have a few things in common (outside of our "luck")- one of the minor majors is stuffing as much activity as we can in the least amount of time possible- including sleep. So one day, like most days, Katie decides to get up for work a little bit later than perhaps she should- and blow dry her hair. Hair finished, but now running late, she rushes out the door to discover it is POURING rain. Only meters to her car- she dashes, (hoodless) and arrives at it's door where she plans to quickly duck inside. In the moments of hand on handle- a nearby car zooms through an even nearer puddle and drenches her. Soaked, and disappointed to have dried her hair on such an occasion, Katie must still keep to schedule. An errand must be run prior to work and time is of the essence. She figures she can blast the heat in her car and dry out reasonably well on her lengthy commute- thereby negating the need to change. She makes it to her next stop. Opens the door. Her pant led catches on a latch and she falls. Splayed on the ground with one leg still hooked to the car a car zooms by, through a puddle, and finishes the job!


  1. Thanks for the laugh! Poor "Katie"! What a morning. :) Definitely a moment to write down for future posterity!!


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