Thursday, October 22, 2009

The new Benefiber

My 5-year old daughter recently had breakfast at her great grandparents. On the menu was wheat-puffs. She gobbled up most of the contents of her bowl and then went off to play. Her great-grandfather (we call him "the great-grampa") threw the remainder into the toilet, but didn't get a chance to flush it before my daughter had to make a quick trip a la potty.

Apparently she DID NOT notice the wheat puffs before she did her business.

After flushing the toilet and noticing the wheat puffs going down, she emerged from the bathroom and exclaimed:

"boy those went right through me!"


  1. too funny!! I laughed pretty hard when i heard that story! Your kids are quite smart, cute and funny!!

  2. That was a true laugh out loud moment for me! Too cute!


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