Thursday, October 22, 2009

Unwritten Childhood Rites of Passage

1. They will flush something down the toilet that they shouldn't (more than once)

2. They will write on things that are not paper- i.e. your walls, your table, your furniture, your floor

3. They will break valuable items

4. They will eat a non-food item and you will call Poison Control

5. They will fart or burp louder then a man (when they are the size of a mans arm), and they will occassionally do this in an inappropriate location.

6. They will put EVERYTHING in their mouth- for what seems like forever

7. They will copy what you say

8. They will fall out of bed

9. They will bleed or break

10. They will NO MATTER how ZEN you or they are: hit, kick, punch, scream, bite, and/or scratch their siblings.

11. They will slime something somewhere i.e. icecream on your kitchen floor, diaper cream all over their bodies, lotion on your carpet

If you have kids you just did the check-list and started remembering the crazy days of motherhood... feel free to share what your kid ate, slimed, wrote-on, or broke in your comments!


  1. Hey this is Kim omeara I couldn't get it to post as not anonymous!
    I just read all your blog posts! I didn't know you had one. Very entertaining..i especially liked the one about ADD because I always wonder if Ryan has that as well :P Go over symptoms, etc! lol

  2. I've had 5 kids, I don't think I have ever called poisen control! But then again my kids are perfect...

  3. You've inspired me to write my own post about things my kids have done. Thanks.

  4. I feel the need to post a link to Tami's memories...

  5. Another rite of passage I think a lot of kids go through is cutting their own hair. Some do fortunately miss it but many don't! Elania just recently cut her hair. I posted about it on our blog. Thanks for the heads up on the other rites of passage!!


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